Welcome to the website of the APRES project!

APRES will investigate the appropriateness of prescribing antibiotics in primary health care. Based on the gained insights, guidelines for prescription behaviour of antibiotics throughout Europe will be developed

The project is a multicountry collaboration, started on 1st October, 2009, and will run for 4 years. The project is funded by the European Commission (budget: €2.8 million)

Problem definition:
Bacterial resistance against antibiotics is a worldwide concern for public health. If we want to ensure the effectiveness of antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections in the long term, restrictive and appropriate use is required.

More than 90% of antibiotics in Europe are being prescribed to non-hospitalized patients. However, guidelines for prescribing antibiotics to community-dwelling patients are based on the antibiotic resistance pattern measured in hospitalized patients. Since the guidelines are based on insufficient data, there is a need for empirical research.

In nine European countries data will be collected on the antibiotic resistance patterns of bacteria circulating in the community.

This will be correlated with antibiotic prescribing patterns retrieved from primary care practices. The relationship between the antibiotic resistance pattern for bacteria and the pattern of antibiotic prescription behaviour will give insights in the appropriateness of prescribing.