The QUALICOPC project
The QUALICOPC (Quality and Costs of Primary Care in Europe) study aims to  analyse and compare how primary health care systems  in 34 countries perform in terms of quality, costs and equity. We aim to show what configurations of primary health care are associated with better outcomes.   

QUALICOPC is an EC funded project under the Seventh Framework Programme.

The QUALICOPC project is carried out by an international network of partner institutes and coordinated by Nivel (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research). In each participating country a national coordinator is responsible for the data collection.


Participating  countries
The QUALICOPC project includes 31 European countries, being 26 European Union (EU) member states, and  Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Besides, Australia, Canada, New Zealand also participate in this study.

Expected  results
The study will provide an answer to the question what strong primary care systems entail and which effects strong primary care systems have on the performance of overall health care systems. To make insights tangible, good practices will be identified and disseminated. The study results will be disseminated to the research community, policy makers and other stakeholders in the  health sector.